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MindFirst is a Mindfulness-based Weight Loss Program.

The core of our program is a 5 minute daily lesson presented by nutrition and weight loss expert Mary Kate Keyes, MS, RD, LDN.

These lessons will become your most powerful tool for permanent weight loss!

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You'll also have access to our online community, workout videos, food logging, weight loss meditations, and more!


“MindFirst is the best thing I’ve done for my health and well-being. I have a new appreciation for food and fitness and love knowing I will never have to “diet” again!”

Kathy F.
Down 92 Pounds!

See for yourself why Harvard Health said, "Strategies that cultivate self-awareness and compassion help you lose weight and keep it off." 1

Try our first five lessons free, no obligation!

In These First Five Lessons You’ll Learn

How to become a more “mindful eater” and change how you experience food

That mindful eating will put an end to emotional, binge, and mindless eating

The proper mix of foods to fuel your body, giving you more energy, a better mood and improving your metabolism

How mindfulness will be your key to a healthier life and permanent weight loss

Lessons are hosted by weight loss expert Mary Kate Keyes, MS, RD, LDN

“MindFirst is the first program to address how I think about food and fitness! Emotional and mindless eating have become something I used to do!!! I’m down 22 pounds and love the changes taking place.”

Nancy M.

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You'll never look at food the same way again!


Meet the MindFirst Team!

Image of Mary Kate Keyes

Mary Kate Keyes

After a decade in the nutrition and weight loss field as a teacher of Nutritional Sciences at the University level, as well as  counseling individuals, Mary Kate became very disillusioned with the weight loss industry. She saw an obsession with weight loss at all costs. Nutrition and weight loss were inherently stressful. Her vision for a mindful approach to food, an approach that removed the stress from the equation and made healthy eating enjoyable and fun are now a reality. Her daily five minute lessons form the foundation of the MindFirst Program.

Image of Dr. Wayne Westcott, PhD

Dr. Wayne Westcott, PhD
Professor of Exercise Science

Dr. Westcott is a renowned author of over 20 books on Fitness. He is a nationally recognized leader in the fitness world. Over the past 45 years, Wayne has done research with 1000’s of individuals to determine the most effective workouts for weight loss and a reduction in chronic illness.  His MIndFirst workouts are fast, efficient and fun.

Image of Kathy Ficarra

Kathy Ficarra
Community Host

Kathy first joined MindFirst as a member. She likes to say she always felt losing weight would make her happy, but through the practice of mindfulness she found that once she was happy, the weight would come off. Kathy is down over 90 pounds and had kept it off for three years. As our Community Host, and host of our weekly Facebook-live events, Kathy will help guide you on your MindFirst journey and help you achieve your dreams with the MindFirst Program.

Meet Our Members!