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The MindFirst program

Based in science, our mindful approach will change your relationship with food and fitness, leading to a healthy active lifestyle and permanent weight loss.

Five-minute daily classes (MindTalks).

Five-minute daily mindfulness practices.

Kathy lost 91 lbs and has kept it off for 5 years.

This mindful approach to weight loss has been life changing. The weight not only came off, it has stayed off, and more importantly I feel better!

~ Kathy F ~
Down 91 pounds!

Meet Mary Kate Keyes and see why our mindful approach to weight loss can be the answer for you!


7-day free trial, $15/month after trial

Michelle, Down 71 lbs

For the first time I’ve been able to really change my behaviors, not just push ahead and lose the weight. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed maintaining the healthy, happy new me for 4 years!

Steve L, Down 55 pounds

It's nice to focus on health in a positive, impactful way rather than restriction and guilt. I love the tools I have gathered from the Mind First program.

Jill R, Down 41 pounds

MindFirst has helped me in so many ways. I reached my goal weight and then some. I am much more engaged, focused & at peace in all aspects of my life.

What's included in my monthly plan?

200+ MindTalks

A new MindTalk is available every day.

100+ Meditations

For stress reduction and weight loss.

100+ Workout videos

For all fitness levels.

Experience MindFirst

MindTalk 1 Cognitive Dissonance

Learn why our minds always resist change

“I was shocked to learn how my mind has been holding me back. Cognitive Dissonance is real!”

MindTalk Journal

What was your biggest takeaway from this talk?


7-day free trial, $15/month after trial


I've tried Noom and Weight Watchers, is MindFirst similar?

Noom and Weight Watchers are both food logging programs that include psychology and mindfulness tips.

Our belief is long term food logging fosters an unhealthy relationship with food, and creates an unsustainable dependence on the logging tool.

Our educationally based mindful approach gives you tools to become your own nutritionist and fitness expert, leading to a healthy lifestyle and permanent weight loss.

Does MindFirst promote diets like “keto”, intermittent fasting, or low calorie goals?

MindFirst does not utilize fad diets. Fad diets trick your metabolism to burn fat promoting rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss invariably leads to rapid weight gain. Our philosophy is to ADD to your diet with healthful foods that taste great, and ADD to your life with better movement, sleep and stress management.

7-day free trial, $15/month after trial


Meet Our Experts

Our nationally reknowned experts will help you create healthy habits that last a lifetime!

Image of Dr. Shauna Shapiro, PhD

Dr. Shauna Shapiro, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Image of Mary Kate Keyes, MS, RDN

Mary Kate Keyes, MS, RDN
Registered Dietician
Image of Dr. Wayne Westcott, PhD

Dr. Wayne Westcott, PhD
Professor of Exercise Science

Lose the weight without the restrictions!


7-day free trial, $15/month after trial